Giving Back To Cornerstones of the Tabletop Hobby.

Join us in celebrating the heart of tabletop gaming,  our mighty local game stores! Without your friendly local gaming stores, our hobby wouldn't be what it is today. We understand the challenges of running a brick-and-mortar store, especially in today's uncertain times. That's why we're thrilled to introduce two exciting programs at Crit Hit 6, aimed at supporting these vital pillars of our community.


Introducing the AZ FLGS Game Master Exchange Program and the Adopt a Game Store initiative, designed specifically to uplift our local game stores in Arizona. It's all about giving back to the places that mean so much to us.


Here's how it works: We're offering low or even no-cost opportunities for Friendly Local Gaming Stores to shine at Crit Hit 6. The idea is simple, leverage your store's passionate community leaders, your beloved Game Masters, by taking center stage and running games at our convention in exchange for credits toward a vendor booth or by sponsoring a game slot at Crit Hit 6, complete with a space to give out flyers, coupons, stickers, or other promotional items. Game Masters do not need to be employees of your store. They can be from the community you’ve worked so hard to build. Game Masters do not need to be employees of your store. They can be from the community you’ve worked so hard to build. Now they can help give back to you!


Let's showcase the incredible people and communities we have in our midst. It's a chance for your loyal fans to show their appreciation for the friendly local game stores that have become their second home. Join us at Crit Hit 6 and let's spread the love for our friendly local gaming stores.

adopt a game store

Running an FLGS is tough, we want to make it easy to vend at conventions.

Running a Friendly Local Gaming Store is a tough business, we want to help!  

We already have some of the most affordable vending spaces in the valley, and  a free to attend Vendor Market. But we get it, when you're in the retail business, every penny counts. We want to help by offering Arizona's first AZ FLGS GAME MASTER EXCHANGE PROGRAM!

What is it? Well, it's a program designed to allow the cornerstones of the tabletop hobby to show off at our free to attend vendor market for a discounted or even free rate while showcasing some of the amazing community that your store has built!


  • For every 4hr block that you provide a Game Master from your store (this doesn't have to be an employee, it can be one of the members of your community!) you'll get a $35 Credit off the price of a regular Atrium Vendor Booth.
  • If you can provide 5 blocks of Game Masters, then your booth will be free!*
  • Game Masters must be signed up to run a block of games BEFORE you submit your vendor application
  • *Game Masters must be present for the start of the game block, even if the game doesn't go off, you still retain the credit. If a GM is a no show, there will be an invoice of $35 issued after the show, due within 7 days. Contact us for details!

Can't attend? Send your store champions to help spread the word of your FLGS!

Sometimes the speed of business doesn't let us do the things we'd like to do. That includes attending and supporting local gaming conventions. 

That's why we are introducing the Adopt A Gaming Store initiative. This program allows Game Masters from your store to be your 'street team' at Crit Hit 6!

Game Masters from your community can run games at Crit Hit 6 as a champion of your Friendly Local Gaming Store! In exchange for you helping us round up Game Masters, every block of games they sign up for, the table they run games at will have special signage letting the players know they can continue the adventures at your store! Flyers, stickers and any other promo items are not only allowed, but encouraged. We'll also have a table available after the game is over for attendees to collect flyers.

You will also get a listing on the CONGEON app as a FLGS that has sent champions to Crit Hit and other conventions to spread the word about your fine establishment!