we are crit hit. we like rpgs and board games.
we put on social events. sometimes there are vendors, sometimes there’s a band.
we are not premiere.
we are not polished.
we are not predictable.

we do rpgs and some board games.
we are not the big, polished show.

we are the punk show in a sketchy dive bar.

we won’t let non-inclusive people feel welcome.

they aren’t. <click me>

welcome to your tribe…

crit hit was founded on 3 pillars:

meet. – meet people of your tribe, people who love RPGS as much as you do.
learn. –
hear and share excitement about games you know or discover.
play. – don’t just collect books and pdfs, but actually roll the click clacks!

not just another ‘con’

the word con and convention have never been a good fit for crit hit, but we get it, it’s what people are comfortable with.

between our events, we have game days, outings to free movie previews, meetups, potluck game days, take over a haunted hotel and play horror games in it all night, show up at other conventions with our own themed rooms to run rpgs, and we are always trying to think up other fun things to do.

our rpg days fall under regions:
RPG CLUB: East (name change coming soon)

and we are looking into expending into with RPG CLUB: Maricopa and RPG: CENTRAL

we like to think of ourselves as a community that happens to run some ‘conventions’, not a ‘convention’ that tacked on a community.

come hang out with your tribe.