The Southwest's Tabletop RPG Event RETURNS!
July 15-16, 2023 Doubletree by Hilton Phoenix-Mesa

    Tabletop Roleplay Events

    Crit Hit!, established in 2016, hosts game days, workshops, community events and outings, as well as hosting our own convention, while providing support and logistics for Game On Expo and various other conventions and retailers the state. We also have hosted fundraisers and drives for various non profits around Phoenix and all of Arizona.Our focus has always been tabletop roleplaying games, specifically indie/small and medium size press publishers as well as artists, writers and content creators centered around ttrpgs.We hope to provide safe, inclusive and unique tabletop gaming events for everyone and foster a sense of community.

    Crit Hit!

    Tabletop Roleplay Events

    Tabletop Roleplaying is "our thing"..

    While other conventions include tabletop role playing games in their gaming areas, we built a whole convention based on it. While we do offer a fantastic board game library, our focus is RPGs. Crit Hit is the place where you not only play D&D, but also come to play a whole multiverse of RPGs, from Savage Worlds, Call of Cthulhu, Tiny Dungeons and more. If you've never heard of some of these, that's ok too. Our GMs are always willing to show off these amazing games in a safe and inclusive environment.

    Tabletop Games

    Not your usual convention...

    Sometimes a convention is in a hotel or a convention center, sometimes it's at the most haunted bed & breakfast in Arizona, other times it's a 'tiny epic fest' with a potluck with tiny foods. The point is that we believe the experience of gaming is key to our hobby!

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    d20/D&D Style Games

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    July 15-16thDoubletree by Hilton Phoenix Mesa2 days of RPGS, Panels and More!

    It's been a while, but Crit Hit! is back!

    If you’ve been to our conventions before then you know what a good time you’ll have and this year will be even better than years past!If you’re new here and don’t know what Crit Hit! is then take a seat and let me give you the basics!We are a weekend long 18+ gaming convention with a focus on indie RPGs such as Savage Worlds, Dungeon Crawl Classics, and Call of Cthulhu and so many more!Of course, we always have some good ol’ D&D and Pathfinder running as well!And in between games or if you just feel like taking a break and moving around some meeples, we have an extensive board game library to choose from and featured GM lead board games running throughout the weekend.But Crit Hit! goes beyond just the convention. We pride ourselves on being a community of passionate and creative gamers who love to explore new worlds and stories.

    This year’s convention will take place at the beautiful DoubleTree by Hilton Phoenix Mesa in Mesa, AZ.This hotel has a wonderfully large atrium that we plan to use for our free to attend vendor hall that we’ve named the “Corbie Market”!That’s right, you don’t have to pay to come shop our vendors! The Corbie Market will feature some of Arizona’s finest artists and creators so don’t miss out!

    Crit Hit! Zero will feature:--6 RPG rooms
    --over 20 RPG tables
    so there's room for everyone! There will also be tables highlighting demo games by various creators and publishers all weekend!GAME MASTERS NEVER PAY TO RUN GAMES. We've always been GM focused and nothing has changed. GM sign ups are here

    - Arizona's only 18+ tabletop convention
    -No badge required to shop You only need one if you play a game)
    -Kickstarter Coming Soon
    - First Guest Confirmed
    - GMs never pay to run games, GM registration coming soon.

    Crit Hit! Year Zero

    Vendors Market-no badge required

    • July 15-16, 2023

    • Doubletree by Hilton Phoenix-Mesa

    • No badge required to shop, tell your followers to come see you without having to buy a badge!

    • Vendors listed on this website as well as on the CONGEON app

    Crit Hit! Community Standards & Code of Conduct

    Welcome, and thank you for taking the time to look at our Community Standards. It is our hope when you attend one of our events, be it our conventions, our public game days, our social outings or even just being on one of our social media/online game platforms, that you will have ‘found your tribe’. We do have a harassment policy which you can find here, but that only tells you what you can’t do and what the repercussions are for violating that policy. We wanted to have something that helps define us as a community, that can help guide and shape what Crit Hit looks and feels like, in any of our IRL or online spaces. As with all things Crit Hit, this is a living document and therefore will grow and evolve over time, It’s goal, however, will remain unchanged. To make a space for gaming that is welcoming, safe and to make those around happy to game/socialize with you.We would also like to thank Chaos Crew Member Robyn M. for helping us draft our policies, Robyn exemplifies the kind of great people we are thankful for and proud to have as part of our community.Jim & Krystal MillerFounders/Co-Owners, Crit Hit


    Q: What is the difference between Community Standards and the Code of Conduct?A: Code of Conduct are the minimum requirements of expected behavior at our events.
    Community Standards are behaviors we are striving for to be a better community.

    Q: Wait, does this mean you're now the morality police trying to tell me how to act or force change on to me?!A: Nope, the super short version we used to have was just Wheaton's Law of "Don't Be A Dick". Nobody is going to force anything on your, but we do expect a base level of manners (see Code of Conduct).

    Q: Does this mean this is basically a G rated show?A:OOOOOH FUUUUUUUCK NO, not by a long shot. It just means nobody is going descrimate or pick on anyone. We still talk a LOT of shit and have fun.

    The Crit Hit Code of Conduct

    This Code of Conduct applies to both online and in person eventsThe Crit Hit Community is an open, inclusive environment.The following outlines our harassment policies. If there are any instances of the following prohibited behavior, please contact a Crit Hit Staff Member or reach out via social media.We will all refrain from using language that can be considered homophobic, sexist, transphobic, racist, ableist, ageist, etc. This includes slurs on sexuality (the f-word), trans slurs (the t-word), mental disability (the r-word) and others.We will respect others' limits and if someone feels uncomfortable, we will not question their use of the x card, other table safety tools or their choice to step away.We refrain from unwanted sexual advances and inappropriate physical contact of other members. Even in RP settings, this can be considered harassment. We will ensure we have enthusiastic consent before physically engaging with another person.Any official representation from the organization should come from a Crit Hit staff member. If you see something you think Crit Hit should respond to, please alert a staff member.

    Crit Hit! Community Standards

    Our goal is to treat one another with respect and dignity, and to speak out when we see others engage in behavior that could damage our community. We believe GAMING IS FOR EVERYONE. Above all else, Crit Hit exists to foster a sense of belonging in the Arizona gaming community, to grow the Arizona Gaming Community to one that is inviting and welcoming at all times. These community standards should outline basic goals for our interactions with one another to accomplish the above stated goals.We will demonstrate inclusiveness in all of our interactions with one another.We will respect any person’s pronouns and gender; if unsure please ask their pronouns in a polite manner.If a new player is interested in joining, we will take the time to either integrate them into an ongoing game or kindly direct them to a game that is accepting new players.We will respect one another enough to address things that we find offensive:We will inform someone if what they have said or done is offensive and give the person a chance to correct themselves or apologize and show grace in the understanding people make mistakes and you can come back from them.We, as a community, will make an effort to help them understand how to avoid it in the future.If necessary, we will contact an organizer to help resolve any disputes.We understand that it is not the job of marginalized groups to educate others, and we will encourage continuing education on issues related to our community members' identities.We refrain from judgement when it comes to gaming systems, game type, genre, etc. Every player has different preferences and we respect that all games are designed with a different target audience in mind.We will make an effort to engage in our local gaming communities and will encourage others to do the same. This can mean supporting Friendly Local Game Stores, attending other conventions in town, or simply inviting friends to join a game.We would also like to thank Chaos Crew Member Robyn M. for helping us draft our policies, Robyn exemplifies the kind of great people we are thankful for and proud to have as part of our community.
    <3 Jim & Krystal Miller

    Badge Info

    badge sales open the day after our Kickstarter is over, but for now go pledge. You'll score a discount on the weekend badge plus special swag and other offers!

    Room Block Info

    Rates for Crit Hit! attendees:2 Queen Beds - $109.00

    Well met, oh mighty Game Masters of Crit Hit!

    We are excited to partner with Frog God Games as an Official Game Master Sponsor in providing the following GM perks.Game Master Perks
    1 RPG = 1 day badge
    2 RPGS = Weekend Badge and a $35 PDF code from Frog God Games
    3 RPGS = Weekend Badge and a $50 PDF code from Frog God Games
    4 RPGS = Weekend Badge and $75 PDF code from Frog God Games

    click here to register as a GM

    This link will take you to a form that will gather your email address and what system you are playing.NOTE: Please make sure you have access to the email you provide, as a link to sign in will be sent to email address provided on or about June 1st.Once you receive the link, you will be able to access the CONGEON app. There, you will see day and time slots available to submit games.

    By submitting your game, you acknowledge and agree that Crit Hit has the sole and absolute right to reject any game for any reason at any time. Rejected games will not qualify for Game Master Perks. This right may be exercised at our discretion, without prior notice or explanation. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, some possible reasons for rejection include, but are not limited to:
    • Games that breach our Code of Conduct or Community Standards.
    • Games that disrupt the balance of the schedule (for example, we would not want an excessive number of games of the same system, other than D&D or Pathfinder, running at the same time slot).
    • Any other reason that we deem appropriate.