RPGs – History

Hit was created after the founder, Emanuel James Miller, went to all the local cons and felt like his beloved RPG’s were treated as second class citizens. They were in big rooms with as many tables as they could shove together. This is fine for board games, but RPG’s are about grand battles and quiet moments. It’s hard to role play an introspective moment when you have to shout out what you are doing or saying. Thus the idea for Crit Hit was born.



From Dungeons & Dragons, to indie games such as The Quiet Year, Crit Hit features RPG’s that YOU want to play. Is there a game that you just can’t get to your table? Play it at Crit Hit! Most conventions have a big room where they stick the RPG players in, and you end up having to shout because of the noise level. Crit Hit tries to minimize this and improve the experience every year.



Here are a list of some of the games played at Crit Hit! 2017:

Beyond The Wall Laughing Moon
The Black Hack Nightmares of the Dead Dreamers
Chronicles of Darkness Numenara
Cyper System – Star Wars The Quiet Year
Dungeons & Dragons 5e Savage Worlds
Dungeon Crawl Classics Sharp Swords and Sinister Spells
Dungeon World Spirit of 77
Epyllion (powered by Apocalypse) The Strange
Fiasco Vampire 5e Pre-Alpha
The Hero Instant World of Darkness

Here are a list of some of the games played at Crit Hit! 2016:

7th Sea 2e Houses of the Blooded
A Dirty World Hunter: The Vigil
Bunnies and Burrows Kuro
Call of Cthulhu Lamentations of the Flame Princess
Chronicles of Darkness Legend of the Five Rings
CthulhuTech Marvel Heroic Roleplaying
D&D 2e Monsters, Monsters!
D&D 5E Mutant City Blues
Delta Green Nights Black Agents
Dragon Ball Z (Homebrew) Pathfinder
Dresden Files Savage Worlds
Dungeon Crawl Classics Shadows of The Demon Lord
Dungeon World The Quiet Year
Epyllion The Skeletons
Fall of Magic Titans Grave/Fantasy AGE
Gamma World (D&D 4e) Trail of Cthulhu
GURPS: Dungeon Fantasy Tunnels & Trolls

CritHit 2018 will continue to have feature the widest range of RPG’s possible that YOU want to play.