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crit hit! 6: Spicy Weather

July 6th - 7th, 2024

DoubleTree by Hilton Phoenix Mesa

About Us

Get ready for another sizzling edition of our tabletop extravaganza, Crit Hit 6: Spicy Weather!. It’s time to get together again this summer, But fear not, for our gaming adventures will be hotter and more devilishly delightful than ever!

For seasoned attendees, you know the drill – each year outdoes the last in terms of excitement and fun!

If you're a newcomer, welcome to the spicy realm of Crit Hit! Let’s walk you through the essentials:

Crit Hit 6: Spicy Weather is your ultimate weekend getaway for all things tabletop gaming. Dive into the realms of indie RPGs, including classics like Savage Worlds, Dungeon Crawl Classics, and Call of Cthulhu, alongside a plethora of other thrilling titles.

Of course, we'll have your favorite staples, D&D and Pathfinder, running like clockwork throughout the event.

When you need to cool down or shake things up, explore our expansive board game library, or join one of our featured GM-led board game sessions happening all weekend long.

But Crit Hit is more than just a convention – it's a journey through dice goblin and cardboard bliss. Join us and become part of our community of adventurers, united by our love for rolling dice and escaping to fantastical realms.

Embrace the heat – we promise, it's hotter than hell, but way more fun!