Emanuel James Miller   Grand Poohbah

Bio: Crit Hit’s Emanuel James Miller or Jim to his friends, created Crit Hit as a means to discover and play the fringe and bleeding edge role playing games he enjoys. As a fan of dungeon in box and various indie games, it was decided early on to include these types of games in the event. His hope is that Crit Hit becomes an event people look forward to, not only for the selection of games it features, but for the community aspects it has grown over the first 3 years of it’s inception. When not planning Crit Hit events, he enjoys reading RPG books, comics, spending time with his friends and, most importantly, being a father to his children and an equal partner to Krystal in all things.


Krystal Miller   Event Services Director

Bio: Discovered she liked board games in 2015 and that has lead her down the path of chaos that is co-running Crit Hit alongside Jim. Law Clerk by day, mother of three, aspiring author and artist….somehow still slightly sane. Can be found running around most conventions trying to do several things at once.


Adam Sink   RPG Director

Bio:  Co-host of Full Metal RPG. Aspiring author. Likely a slave to an Illithid. Software Developer by day, degenerate by night. Your contact for RPG needs and coordination.


Patricia Stedman   Board Game Director

Bio: Co-founder of Magic Meeple Games, Phoenix Comicon Gaming Manager turned Vendor, Board Game Addict extraordinaire. I am looking forward to bringing flair and detail to the Crit Hit board gaming experience.


Brendan Carrion   Entertainment Director

Bio: Co-host of Full Metal RPG, artist and game designer who procrastinated and had to have his bio written for him.


Amber Fitzpatrick   Logistics Director

Bio: was too busy playing board games to write a bio. In her non-board game time she plays a lot of video games.


Suzette Dollar   Webmaster
Bio: RP Junkie. Day Job: HR Support Specialist. Looking forward to many hours of madness and mayhem in varied universes.


Event Crew and Registration:


Shawn Fitzpatrick

Bio: Avid board gamer and member of many fandoms! Enjoys sharing his hobbies and interests with others. He explains Secret Hitler very well…almost TOO well….


Ana Arbizu

Bio: Board game noob A RN liver transplant coordinator in my day job. Looking forward to giving you clueless looks at check in.


Ron Arbizu

Bio: Comic aficionado who enjoys a good board game session. His interests include Green Lantern, Warcraft, and Stargate.


Heather Holscher

Bio: an enigma wrapped in a parable wrapped in a mystery. She is a shadow that appears only when truly needed. She will see you at guest service for your gaming quandaries.


Faith Ekstrom

Bio: Wanted in three different countries for hunting unicorns and fought a turkey down in Georgia once. But other than that she’s very nice and we’re happy to have her aboard!


Jeff Turille

Bio: raised in Omaha, Nebraska and moved to the valley in 1997 at the tender age of 17. An avid tabletop gamer, a fan of all things metal, and aspiring horror writer, he now works as an I.T. professional out of Tempe, Az