RPG Saturday 8pm – Midnight

Saturday 8pm – 12am

System: Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG
GM: Colin Brodd
No of players:6
Adult content: No
Intrigue at the Court of Chaos – Your 1st level characters have been whisked away to the Court of Chaos, where the Host of Chaos wants you to infiltrate the Plane of Law and retrieve the Yokeless Egg, a legendary artifact . . . but beware betrayal and intrigue at the Court of Chaos!

System: Savage Worlds
GM: Mitchell Day
No of players: 5
Adult Content: Yes
Sanctuary – Beginner friendly eighties action horror roleplaying inspired by Evil Dead, Cabin in the Woods, etc.

System: Savage Words – Deadlands Reloaded
GM: Gary Phillips
No of players: 6
Adult Content: No
Ride, Boldly Ride – The once renowned sheriff of El Dorado has become a drunk. It couldn’t have come at a worse time as his adversary, a ruthless cattle baron is making his move to control everything. Can the heroes sober their friend up, and put an end to the schemes of the cattle baron and his gang of gunfighters?

System: Vampire 5th Edition Pre Alpha
GM: Adam Sink
No of players: 4
Adult Content: Yes
The Night After – The Anarchs have smashed the Camarilla in the city of Berlin. As a once proud member of the Prince’s court, can you survive the streets of Berlin and the coming of the Second Inquisition?