Tabletop Gaming Retreat
July 13th -15th


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  • Roleplaying Games
  • Board Games
  • Card Games
  • Panels
  • Late Night Entertainment


DoubleTree Suites by Hilton Hotel Phoenix
320 North 44th St., Phoenix, Arizona
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  • Located right off the 202 freeway
  • Thirteen Living Room Suites hosting Roleplaying Games
  • 3500 square foot ball room for board and card games
  • Dragon Hall for our Dungeions & Dragons and Pathfinder players.

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  • Convention rate: $85 per night
  • Walking distance to every game
  • No driving after late night entertainment
  • Did we mention the bar is right next to the ball room?
  • Relax in air conditioned comfort between games
  • Pampering yourself is the best way to enjoy the convention
  • Getting a room helps lower costs so we can continue to grow and improve!


GM’s can earn a free badge by running 8 hours of games. If you have already purchased a badge, you may transfer the badge to someone else if you sign up to run! Click here for GM Sign Up!


  • Meet new players and GM’s! Maybe find that gaming group of your dreams!
  • Enjoy a panel or other social event!
  • Learn about some of the best Indie RPG and Board Games around!
  • Play games, enjoy yourself. Crit Hit is your gaming retreat. Life is hectic, and finding time to game is difficult. Set a side 3 days to do what you love!

    If you are new to RPG’s or BOARD GAMES, this is the event for you! It’s a perfect place to come and learn in a non judgmental environment. One of our goals is to help ‘grow new gamers’ because more gamers = more fun! Come on out and try a game out!


    2017 Dice color scheme, CH3 will have new colors