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WHAT IS: Dungeon Crawl Classics

WHAT IS: is our series of posts highlighting games and what makes them unique. You might have heard about these games but are not sure what exactly they are, that’s where WHAT IS comes in. Game: Dungeon Crawl Classics From the Publisher: Glory & Gold Won by Sorcery & Sword You’re no hero. You’re an […]


WHAT IS: Fate Accelerated

From the Publisher: Fate Accelerated, or FAE, is a condensed version of the popular Fate Core system that brings all the flexibility and power of Fate in an easily digestible—and quickly read—package. With FAE, you and your friends can step into the world of your favorite books, movies, and TV or you can create a world […]


Virtual Taverns – local online groups and meetups

Check out these online groups and meetups. A big thank you to Sulis Shadd for compiling the above list.