Crit Calendar for the week of 10/20

THURSDAY OCT 20th DUNGEON MASTER WORKSHOP Up your DM game with this workshop over at The Orcs Lair. Because let’s be real, nothing destorys your well planned, hours long investment of an adventure like those plucky players! Trade tips and advice

WHAT IS: Dungeon World?

WHAT IS: is our series of posts highlighting games and what makes them unique. You might have heard about these games but are not sure what exactly they are, that’s where WHAT IS comes in. Game: Dungeon World From the

Crit Calendar for the week of 10/14

Welcome to the inaugural instalment of the Crit Calendar, where we will highlight RPG/Board Game/Card Game/Minis special events happing in the Phoenix Metro area from Thursday to Thursday. Our goal is to also have a consolidated calendar of all the