Board Games


Crit Hit will become home to an entire new page of programming. Board games have become a large part of the overall gaming scene by and large and Crit Hit wants to bring them in a big way!

Learn to Play
Want to try out a game but dont know how to play? Look for games marked Learn To Play! GM’s will share with you the basics of how to play a particular game. Everyone has to start somewhere!

Play to Own
Play the game. Win. Take the game home! The gauntlet has been thrown.

Games on Demand
Where you can sit with a GM of your choice and start up a game right then and there.

Scheduled Games
For longer, games with lots of ‘crunch’, we will have scheduled games so you can plan to finally getting around to playing that long form game!

WHAT IS BEST IN LIFE? Do you want to crush your enemies? See them driven before you and hear the lamentations of their significant others or life partners? Come and sign up for the tournament games we have set up. Tournament play will be for experienced players, if you new you can try, but nobody is going to pull punches on the n00b!

Late Night Casual Party Games
Want to let your brain cool down after a full day of raiding dungeons and harsh competition? Unwind with some easy, light and often inappropriate casual games!