Nuthin’ more gangsta than Arizona Based Gaming Podcasts


You know what’s gangsta? Podcasts. You know what’s the pinnacle of gangstaness? Arizona based gaming podcasts. (also don’t bother looking up the word gagnstaness, it’s a real word…that I just made up)

Arizona has a rich and very active gaming community, along with a wide variety of game stores we also have a growing number of homegrown podcasts.

Full Metal RPG

Full Metal RPG and Shadow Sworn Radio Hour

It’s no secret that Crit HIt is a HUGE fan of Full Metal RPG, the no holds barred local RPG podcast that has been gaining a reputation as one of the most honest podcasts you can listen to. The list of new creators seeking THEM out to offer advice and insight on their rpg’s is slowly growing, which speaks volumes to the level critical thinking this crew puts into any game review. The podcast is insightful, eloquent and often raw. (Definitely listen to it with headphones at work as there is a lot of NSFW language mixed in with the deep dive dissections of RPG topics)

They also put out a Shadow Sworn Radio Hour a podcast focusing on all things Vampire, an endlessly entertaining podcast with all things vampy. Including an episode by episode discussion of the cringe worthy 90s vampire tv show Forever Knight, presented with unapologetic love. Even if WoD/V5/whatever else is going on with the Vampire IP is not your thing, this is a great podcast by a bunch of guys who love these RPG’s.

Creative Play and Podcast Network

RPG, CCG’s, and videos games. Chances are if you like one, you fit in the venn diagram. That’s where the Creative Play and Podcast Network really shine. This is a group out of Tuscon, AZ and they have a crazy selection of things they cover and produce. From Star Wars actual to play, to D&D, to various insights on different aspects of video gaming, these guys are very busy putting out insightful, funny, and entertaining content

Glory Houndd and The Uninviated Gamers

Imagine a riot that was made up of a bunch of gaming nerds, now imagine that riot being all locked up within the confines of a podcast, akin to how the Kryptonians put away General Zod in the negative zone. That’s what Glory Houndd and the Uninvited Gamers is. A whirlwind of game reviews, Kickstarter reviews, actual play and almost unbridled choas, this would seem like a recipe for disaster. Yet somehow Glory Houdd keeps the crew in check and on task, and this podcast works. A ton of fun and some really interesting topics, you definitely want to check these guys out.

Podcast: The Wreckening RPG Podcast

EDIT: I must have been drunk or something that I forgot to add the Unstoppable force that is Podcast: The Wreckening RPG Podcast by the World Famous The Wrecking Crew. This podcast is another, like FMRPG, where the guys on there are very raw and real about how they feel about RPG’s. Honesty is huge for me when it comes to reviews, so it critical analysis when talking about what makes a game work or not work. You can count on The Wrecking Crew to deliver both in spades!


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Be sure to be on the look out for Crit Hit’s own line of monthly podcasts launching all throughout the next 30 days, including:
Crit Cast: a look at various Arizona gaming topics, news and an inside look at Crit Hit

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Crit Crawl: DM focused podcast for running modules for Dungeon Crawl Classics, Mutant Crawl Classics and other DCC based systems.