WHAT IS: The Final Girl

WHAT IS: is our series of posts highlighting games and what makes them unique. You might have heard about these games but are not sure what exactly they are, that’s where WHAT IS comes in. This week, run, hide and do whatever it takes to be…THE FINAL GIRL.


What the publisher says:


Something out there is hunting us. The captain of the football team was dragged into a manhole. The class president was found dead in her shower. And everyone remembers what happened to the school janitor… and what was left of him on the first day of school. Now we’re the only ones left. Will any of us make it out of this alive?
The Final Girl is a horror movie roleplaying game meant to emulate slashers or any other horror movie where the characters are picked off one by one until only one survivor remains to confront the killer. Gather your friends, create your own movie, and find out who will Survive.


Why it’s awesome:
In The Final Girl is perfect if you ever wanted to play though a 80s or 90s horror movie. You start by making a ton of characters that consist of a name and a description (Jake the Jock, Chelsea the Cheerleader, etc.) and then give them one of 3 possible relationships with other characters (friends, foes and screwing… because what is a horror movie without people getting it on?) and then everyone takes turns being the Killer (which you all decide what that is before the game starts). You then try to pick off as many of the characters as you can until it comes down to the Killer vs The Final Girl.

The game plays in about 2 hours and is fantastic example of how to create a fun, compelling game that is heavy in theme and super rules light! And remember, never say “I’ll be right back”…

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