Kickstarter Pick: The Star on the Shore

The new year brings with it a trip back to the 1920s for a tale of a missing statue that kicks off an adventure that, according to the Kickstarter text, is partially based on real life events mixed with lots of tentacle fiction. There is not a lot on the campaign page, but I’ll assume this as to not spoil the story too much. The art looks pretty high quality and it seems like it will sit perfectly along with all your other Call of Cthulhu adventures. One nice thing about this Kickstarter is that they are keeping it very simple. There is a softcover and hardcover and that’s it. All stretch goals are for more art, maps, pre-gens so this cuts down on delays because of manufacturing.



Here’s the text from the Kickstarter:

A bizarre statue found in an old, unearthed chapel has vanished. What are the true aims of the shadowy organization desperate to find this nameless relic? Most importantly, what dark secret writhes at the heart of a small, picturesque town perched on the New England coast?

The Star on the Shore is an adventure for new players and veterans alike. It is an excellent introduction to the dark machinations of the Cthulhu Mythos in those placid parts of the world least able to cope with the cosmic horror of the Old Ones.

Check out the Kickstarter HERE