WHAT IS: 1%er-The Outlaw Motorcycle Game

WHAT IS: is our series of posts highlighting games and what makes them unique. You might have heard about these games but are not sure what exactly they are, that’s where WHAT IS comes in.

(warning, this weeks’ game and review contains NSFW language due to the subject of the game)



What the publisher says:

1%er – The Outlaw Motorcycle Game is a complete role-playing game system for 3-6 players with a ton of six-sided dice.

Do you enjoy shows like Sons of Anarchy or movies like Chopper Chicks in Zombie Town? If so, this is your game.

Play Nomad Outlaw Bikers, the absolute Best of the Worst.
Ride the countryside assisting the many local Chapters of your Club.
Commit crime, help charities, and hand out some good old-fashioned street justice.
Work under the Heat’s radar and go toe to toe with your Rival Gang.
Be cool, and when cool won’t cut it, be a Bad Ass.
Drop that wizard’s hat and grab your colors, it’s time to fire up that Hog and ride!


Why it’s awesome: 

1%er is basically Sons Of Anarchy:the RPG. You are in a gang of outlaw bikers and the game revolves around doing things that outlaw bikers do. Clearing the roads of rival bikers to make a shipment safe, transporting illegal items, escorting a thing or person, out on the hunt for a person/thing, etc. I am not into biker culture, but did enjoy watching Sons of Anarchy. This RPG makes inhertently flawed people into the heroes of a story, which is a very different thing than a lot of RPG’s.

The mechanics are a simple dice pool of d6’s. You have two sets of stats: STUFF and THINGS. To do something you choose an approach (Stuff), it can be to Be Cool or Be Bad Ass and you add those dice to THINGS such as Head, Jaw, Heart, Hands, Gut, Feet, Hog and Tools.  For example you want to pick a lock, so you roll cool (in this case you have 1 which means a 1d6) and Tools (a 3, so 3d6) for a total of 4d6 vs a number of successes (even numbers). To boost this you can then dip into a resource pool called Fucks. Fucks act as both hit points and bonuses in the game. You can pick the lock or your can FUCKING pick the lock, using a fuck point to gives you a bonus die to your roll. Fucks also are the units of hit points you have, you can have the fuck beat out of you until you are down for the count.
To counter balance the illegal and, often, violent nature of the missions you are on,  your gang also does community service to try to wash away some of the blood on your hands. It’s helpful to have the people in your town not be totally afraid of your crew. You can also exact vigilante justice to help someone out. This not only helps you socially, it also is how you regain Fucks.

1%er is light, quick to learn and really fun to play for those looking to play something that really gives you a different experience in an RPG.