WHAT IS: Cosmic Patrol

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What the publisher says:

Rockets, Robots and Rayguns!
Cosmic Patrol is a pen & paper roleplaying game set in the retro-future of the 1940s-50s. It’s a wild and dangerous place, so make sure your atomatic raygun is loaded and your rocketship is fueled. You’ll need them, cadet!

Cosmic Patrol is a narrative, cinematic game that’s easy to learn and can be played with little preparation. Players not only control their characters, but build the plot and fill in the details as they go.


Why it’s awesome:

Cosmic Patrol is a narrative game where you re-create the pulp sci-fi world of the 40’s and 50’s! Bubble helmets, evil robots, mad scientists and ray guns! The system is pretty simple as it uses dice as stats. Meaning if you are trying to pry open a hatch and your Brawn score is a d8, you roll a d8 + any advantages you have (the GM determines if you have an advantage. So in this case because the hatch is old, you get a bonus of +2) vs the GM who rolls a d20. Highest number wins. You also have CUES which are a list of little, catch phrases that your character would say. These help you when you are stuck in the narrative and you are not quite sure what to do, you just say these out loud to help drive the fiction forward. For example your cocky rocket captain is in the middle of a negotiation and is not sure what to do, you can look at your list of cues and pick out “itchy raygun trigger finger” to either say out loud (which could be intimidating) or just start blasting since it’s clear the creature you are negotiating with, is never going to compromise. The game also will include items your character has but nowhere in the book will it explain what those items are or what they can do. What is a “phasic reality distorter” you ask? Who knows, make it up and roll with it. It encourages the technobabble that is a stable of pulpy sci-fi!

Cosmic Patrol is a gorgeous book and an amazingly fun romp around the cosmos in a rocketship!

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