Free Treats at DriveThruRPG!

RPGNOW/DriveThru RPG concludes their annual tradition of giving away free PDF’s on their website. Although I’m not sure they actually advertise it anymore, every year they do a “hide and seek” game where if you find little icons they hide on various pages on the site, it will add a free PDF to your shopping cart! Over the years I have gotten dozens of PDF’s and this years free selections are pretty awesome.

Looks for thes ICONS:

batpumkin witch-hat

Including a Ghostbusters type game called VS. Ghosts. The rules look fun and easy, I’ll probably play it with my son and my girlfriends son (7 and 10, respectively) after we get the new Ghostbusters movie.


The other one, I don’t think needs any explanation nor justification for use in any game, ever.


Head over to RPGNOW/DRIVETHRU RPG for free stuff!