Kickstarter Pick – Deep Madness

Kickstarter Pick – Deep Madness



Something has been found by the crew of the deep sea mining facility Kadath, they call it The Sphere.  Shortly after It’s discovery all communications to the facility went dark.  You are sent in as part of an investigative team.  What you find are things that will shatter the mind of those who gaze on them, terrible abominations roam the dark and flooded halls of Kadath.  The Sphere is taking the deepest, most intense fears of the human mind and giving them form and flesh, and they are coming for you.

This is the setting that Deep Madness by Diemension Games presents to the player.  A co-operative fight for survival where mangled horrors can jump out from any shadow and shamble around any corner.  You and your fellow players take on the role of unique characters with their own strengths and weaknesses and must brave the derelict mining station in a variety of scenarios, each with their own unique rules and win conditions.


Deep Madness looks to set itself apart from other games of this ilk with “push your luck” style mechanics such as losing sanity for temporary beneficial effects, at the risk of going mad.  As well as submerged rooms that will deplete your air meter the longer you stay in them, causing physical harm or outright death, a “Devouring” mechanic where no room is safe; turning them into more spawn points for monsters and causing detrimental effects to the players, and a dynamic turn structure that encourages planning.  Top it off with grotesquely gorgeous miniatures, and Deep Madness has (forgive the pun) and oceans worth of potential.

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